Dear Parents, Players, Coaches, and Volunteers –

Welcome to the Clifton Park Youth Hockey Association (CPYHA) Registration Page for the 2016-2017 season.  You and/or your child(ren) begin the registration process here and will conclude when all your documentation has been provided to your team manager.

There are many offerings for the 2016-2017 season.  Please be sure to make yourself familiar with each one before registering.  This year we are back to our matrixed registration costs- see * below. We have also added back the sibling discount of $50 per additional player registered with CPYHA. If you have any questions regarding the offerings, please contact the Division Director or the individual team webpages.

Dynamo teams may have non-parent coaches who are paid, through monthly team assessments, for their time. Some Eagles teams may also have non-parent paid coaches.


Mini-Mites (Ages 3-8) w/Professional Instruction by Ron Kuhl Cost $350 FULL Season

Mini-Mites (Ages 3-8) w/Professional Instruction by Ron Kuhl - 2nd Half Registration starting 11/13- session starts on 12/18 cost $175

Mites House (Ages 6-8) w/Professional Instruction by Ron Kuhl Cost $450 FULL Season

Mites House (Ages 6-8) w/Professional Instruction by Ron Kuhl -2nd Half Registration starting 12/1 - cost $ 225

Club Hockey (Ages 10-18) -Cost $350 Full Season

Club Hockey (2nd Half Registration - Starting 12/1) $ 175 

Squirt (Ages 9-10) – Eagles Squirt A and Squirt B Team Offerings Available-Cost $350*

  - Jr Dynamo Squirt Development (2007 Birth Year) - Cost $350*

  - Jr Dynamo Squirt Elite (2006 Birth Year) - Cost $350*

Peewee (Ages 11-12) – Eagles Peewee A and Peewee B Offerings Available-Cost $350*

 -  Jr Dynamo PWMinor (2005 Birth Year) - Cost $350*

 -  Jr Dynamo PWMajor  (2004 Birth Year) - Cost $350*

Bantam (Ages 13-14) – Eagles Bantam Travel Offering Available-Cost $350*

- Dynamo Bantam Minor (2003 Birth year) - Cost $30 **

-Dynamo Bantam Major (2002 Birth year) - Cost $30 **

Midget (Ages 15-18) – Eagles Midget 16U/18U Offering Available-Cost $350*

-Dynamo Midget 16U  - Cost $30 **

-Dynamo Midget 18U - Cost $30  **

Girls 12U/14U/16U/19U (Ages 19 & Under) – Dynamo Offering Available - Cost $350 Flat Fee.



* Early Registration period- costs for returning players from  2/25/16- 6/30/16. All Players are required to register within 48-72 hours after the team annoucement in order to hold your respective spot on these teams.

* Season Registration period- costs for returning players from 7/1/16 - 7/31/16 will be $450. All Players are required to register within 48-72 hours after the team annoucement in order to hold your respective spot on these teams.

* Late Registration period- costs for returning players from 8/1/16 - 9/30/16 will be $550

* New players- (not registered with CPYHA during the 2016-2017 season) will be $450/$550/$650 respectively during the Early/Season/Late registration periods defined above.

**  Other Dynamo costs will apply-this is only the registration fee under CPYHA only

A $50 Sibling discount will be applied to your 2nd, 3rd or subsequent players registered with CPYHA.


PLEASE NOTE: If your Son or Daughter was not registered with Clifton Park Youth Hockey Association for the 2016-2017 season, you are required by New York State Amateur Hockey Association (NYSAHA) to obtain a Player Release Form (click HERE to download) from the organization that you were with last season. This release form must be signed by the President or VP of the prior organization and emailed to Kathleen Shumpert (email: prior to completing Step #3 below. Failure to send the release form will mean that you are NOT yet registered with CPYHA.


  1. Register with USAHOCKEY (click HERE) as a Player and print out your barcode receipt. The 14 digit number (ends with some version of your last name) under the barcode is your registration # with USAHOCKEY for the 2016-2017 season. The cost for players over 6 years old is $43.00. Players under 6 should be free.  Note that this step is mandatory to register with CPYHA and your 2015-2016 USAHOCKEY registration number expires 8/30/16 and cannot be used for the 2016-2017 season. For those registering with CPYHA in March and April in our EARLY registration period, we will use your 2015-2016 barcode to register and will need to repeat step #1 after the registration process, due to the release time of the usahockey registration software for the 2016-2017 season.


     2. Click on the Registration link here: CPYHA 2016-2017 Registration Page and follow  

          the instructions provided.

  1. The first time you register a child in your family, you will want to select New User and follow the steps on each screen. The screens should look very familiar to everyone, as they are essentially the same as our packet from the last few years with some minor changes. After completing the registration process- you will have an account with an email address and password. There will be another secure link on our main website to check your account or update information throughout the season.   You can review everything in your Cart before processing the registration. Once you agree with what is in your CART, it will take you to the checkout process.
  2. After completing the process you will receive a confirmation email with your order and a second email with details of your account creation.
  3. A Player Commitment Form (click HERE) must be signed and returned to the CPYHA President before the Player takes to the ice in Clifton Park.
  4. A Waiver of Liability Form, a Player Code of Conduct Form, Consent To Treat Form and a photocopy of your child's BIRTH CERTIFICATE (new mandate from usahockey for 2016-2017 season) is required to be filled out and returned to the Team Manager for travel with the Team prior to the first practice of the team. Each team manager will also be required to electronically submit the birth certificates to myself, as part of the registration process.


I am available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have or 495-0640.


Thank you, and Go Eagles and Go Dynamo!!!


Kathleen Shumpert